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by M. Husedin

I have come accross an interview with the KRG Peshmarga Minister Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa in which he defended policies of his ministry.

I have some comments on what he said about the minister’s understanding of security. Here is what he said:

“In the Kurdistan region there is protest law and it has been passed by the Parliament,” Mustafa said. “It’s everyone’s right to protest on the condition that they do it legally and have permission. But I’m against a protest that doesn’t have permission or is illegal, even if the protesters have legitimate demands. If the Peshmarga Ministry is asked by the Interior Ministry for help to maintain security, we are willing to help.”

First thing to say is that not everything is law, and second that there are soft and hard approaches in reading and applying the laws.

I remember three of my teeth being broken by the Turkish police, being hospitalized several times after many demonstrations.. I have been beaten on the streets badly by the Turks because I was opposing their brutal regime. This level of use of force usually comes from illegitimate regimes. When one looks at Jaafar Sheikh’s interview it is impossible to not to notice the similar language of that of Turks for example. This is not what we want to see in Kurdistan.

Kurdistan is fought hard and gained hard. This can not be the way forward for Kurds if we are to form our own state.
The security forces that can create this picture does not appeal to me

If the KRG or its ruling parties believe that the demonstrators are mislead, the way to point out such a discussion is not brutally attacking demonstrating civilians. All matters in Kurdistan should be dealt with consensus. Noone can say that Kurdish public cannot discuss matters in legitimate channels. If such channels do not exist, is it not one good reason for the state (via its government or better the parliament) to intervene to create them?

The right to demonstrate should not be allowed to be under the permission of the State unless the demonstrators take arms and attacks the security forces. Even then, the power used in response should be proportional to the attack. When I look at the picture, I can not read any proportionality.

I am sorry Jafaar Sheikh but I must say your reading of the events and the reaction of the forces under your command to the demonstrations were not legitimate.


Written by M. Husedin

15 July 2011 at 12:41 PM

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