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Kurdish lobbyists in Washington and southwestern Kurdistan

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Leon E. Panetta was in Turkey in April for five days to discuss the details of a possible US intervention to Syria. David Petraeus is visiting Turkey starting from today, according to Firat News Agency. There is no doubt that the visit is about Syria. It should be clear that the US wants to secure Turkey before going into its yet undisclosed Syria intervention plans. We do not yet know what is in the basket for Kurds in Syria, the southwestern Kurdistan.

Turks do not want the Kurds in Syria to gain rights. This is their main agenda in Syria and this is almost the only subject Turkish columnists write about when it is Syria and a possible US intervention. For this reason alone, they will participate actively at any stage to the events in Syria and want to be a major player. Their fear is that if the Kurds in Syria gain similar rights to those of Iraq the ones in Turkey will be unstoppable in their requests of autonomy. That the world will recognize such a request legitimate This, being the Turkish nightmare for no reason, will eventually lead to a Kurdish indepedence.

There is no doubt from a military and political point of view for the US will want to secure Turkey before going into the Syria file. However, there is the best scenario, and then there is the not-best-scenario and in between everything is negotiable. The Turks negotiate. What about the Kurds? Do we negotiate?

If the Turks follow their agenda, so should do Kurds their own. If we agree that there is one Kurdish nation under heavens, then there is no ‘separate’ Kurdishness between the politically separated Kurds. This is to say, it falls onto the Kurdish lobbyists in Washington to lobby and promote for the protection of and more freedom for their fellow brothers and sisters in Syria.

It is time we lobby for our own rights and support wholeheartedly the awakening in the southwest.


Written by M. Husedin

18 July 2011 at 6:29 PM

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