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Kurdistan is hot and while everyone’s attention is mainly concentrated in Soutwest of Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan), we must see that it is getting hotter in the North and seems to be some food is being prepared to be served in the South.

I would like to share my analysis of the current map and my expectations for each part.

One nation one flag

Southwest Kurdistan
There is honestly not much the Kurds can predict about the near future of Syria. The picture tells me that, even though the various parties claim otherwise, the Kurdish society there is not well organized. They are unhappy about the Arab rule on them, they show their unhappiness and at the same time their excitement for a change but no Kurdish organization could claim the Southwest such as PKK’s claim in the North or PDK’s and YNK’s claim in the South.


  • Kurds are active,
  • not controlled by non-Kurds,
  • and are one strong known and a possible strong ally for the USA in Syria equation.

Both US and the Assad regime will want to ‘buy’ them. Assad already played its biggest card by giving nationality to about 300’000 Kurds who did not have it. Assad regime’s logical second step will be outside Syrian borders, which can only be pushing PKK to fight in Turkey (Father Assad’s game play). PKK has much experience with its current leaders on being used and in exchange using the ones who tries to use it. More on this under East Kurdistan sub-title.

East Kurdistan
Iran’s attack on Qandil mountains, for me, is to push the PKK to fight in the North against the Turks. Thus, should be read as ‘diplomacy’ in its own way. From Iran’s perspective, this fits very well into the game: make the war in enemies territory. Enemy being Turkey, attack to Qandil can be read as Iran attacking Turkey. This should also be read as defense support to Syria.

Most probably Syria tried to ‘buy’ PKK to restart fighting in the North and PKK has most probably refused it. We can read Iran’s unexpected attack on PJAK in Qandil Mountains as joining the game on Syria’s side. We should also keep in mind that -referring to USA’s intervention map in the region- Iran will be left alone if Syria falls. Iran cannot afford losign Syria.

In short, attacking PJAK forces in Qandil, in my reading, is not an internal East Kurdistan regional issue, but a broader Kurdistan national issue.

North Kurdistan
North is hot with PKK’s (or KCK’s) different actions on the board. PKK has three legs in its activities in Kurdistan and use all at the same time.

  • BDP to challenge the Turkish parliament and the Turkish public,
  • DTK to work on creating a de facto autonomy,
  • and KCK as the national body of Kurdistan organizing itself nationally (North, East, South and Southwest).

KCK (or PKK) also has HPG (Hezen Parastina Gel; People’s Defense Forces) as the guerilla army and uses it mainly as a diplomatic tool but also declares them ready for ‘People’s Revolutionary Warfare’, which will be fought for a Free Kurdistan.

PKK thinks there is good opportunity for the Kurds to benefit from the winds blowing from the Arab world. To benefit from the Arab spring. Although I personally disagree that Arabs and Kurds share the same agenda, I should also have to accept that a weakening Syria, thus the destability occuring there creates an opportunity for the Kurds there and elsewhere. I guess PKK’s tactic is to benefit from the enemies’ attention in the Southwest to win there and in the North.

It is unimaginable for Turkey to remain passive to the happenings in Syria. Turks know well that if a second KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq) comes into the picture, this will feed Kurdish nationalism to a complete different stage that noone can control. They would like to be a part and do as much possible to manipulate whatever intervention to Syria. In revenge, PKK does its best to prevent Turkey from focusing to Syria, Southwest. In PKK’s strategy map, if Turkey could lose its concentration in the North and the Southwest together, it will gain more power and consecutively Turkey will have to come to some terms.

South Kurdistan
Surprisingly, after many years of silence on this issue, we have seen ambition about independence. Intellectuals and politicians talk and write freely about independence; either directly or for example via showing excitement on the independence of South Sudan. I would not be surprised if such a deal has already been brokered between various parties by the US. I would like to believe that president Barzani’s long diplomatic marathons in Europe mainly but also in the Arab world was to convince the leaders for that and ask for their support.

There is also the announced preparations for a Kurdish National Conference (though I would prefer a Kurdistan National Congress). An independence declaration would be chic after such a national gathering of delegates representing all the Kurds.

* * *

All in all, my reading of Kurdistan map convinces me to say that we need cooperation among Kurdish political organizations, armed forces and intellectuals. Americans are preparing for a Syrian intervention and we can benefit from it only if we are nationally ready for it, not regionally. East Kurdistan will have to wait until the ‘Gods’ decide for Iran’s faith. On the other hand, we have no reason to wait for the same in the North. I support DTK’s declared autonomy, although I disagree to their ideology.

Most important is our success in South Kurdistan: KRG. We should seek for not creating more but expanding its governance to other parts of Kurdistan;nationalizing it 😉


Written by M. Husedin

22 July 2011 at 12:16 AM

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