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President Barzani’s speech on attacks to KRG’s borders: not enough

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An interview with Mesud Barzani, president of Kurdistan Regional Government of South Kurdistan / Northern Iraq has recently been published at the Peyamner News Agency’s website. Peyamner is the official news agency of Mesud Barzani’s PDK (Partiya Demokratika Kurdistan).

Please click here for the interview.

Mr president puts forward in this interview the first time the right for self determination for all the Kurds throughout Kurdistan which is very good news for the leadership in the south since we are used hear from the South only for the Kurds in the south. Mr President also addresses in highlights the issue of Syrian Kurds which makes sense. It was mentioned in this blog as well that the driving reason behind Persian and Turkish offensives to PKK / PJAK on Qandils was actually to prevent the Kurds in Syria (Southwest Kurdistan) to gain political rights; an autonomy of their own.

A remark: against the criticism that the Southern leaders are regional leaders and not truly national has been falsified by the president with this interview. A big thanks to him for this. We have learnt now that the leadership in South Kurdistan proposes self determination rights for the Kurds in the North (Turkey), East (Iran) and Southwest (Syria). It will be commented accordingly in the future.

One other issue to mention in this interview is the postponement of the popularly demanded Kurdistan National Conference. It was announced for the end of 2011 and was expected to gather all the political parties throughout Kurdistan. Shame on us that with about 40 million population we have no guts to come together.

Mr President says a fight between Kurds (in this matter between KRG and PKK / PJAK) is out of question. This is against the Brakuji era between various Kurdish factions during the 20th century and was one of the main reasons for Kurds to not to gain rights anywhere in Kurdistan (one was being used against the other). Mr President does not say however that a Turkish attack to Qandil’s would be answered by similar means. It also falls very extremely short of what Turks are planning for the KRG governed South. According to an article published at Today’s Zaman, a daily of Turkey and one which can be considered a reliable source from the Turkish government;

Turkey is preparing to take the fight against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to northern Iraq by turning outposts it has maintained for intelligence gathering there since 1995 into operational front garrisons, Today’s Zaman has learned.

If Mr President was to say that any such activity to the KRG governed soil would be considered hostile, then Turkey would hesitate in the level of its hostilities inside Iraqi soil, since it would turn the theatre of its never-declared-ever-continuing war against the Kurds into an international conflict. By not mentioning it, which makes the commentator think that by indirectly accepting it by keeping mute, KRG helps the Turks to continue on keeping their ever continuing identity genocide against Northern Kurds an internal issue.

Although not precise this map tells itself for Kurds and Kurdistan

Kurdistan and the Kurds and the unjust rule imposed on them needs to be made an internationally defende issue. The problem itself occurred when Kurdistan and the whole Kurdish nation was one day decided by the British and the French to be erased from existence. It was not the architecture of the Turks or Persians or Arabs. They merely defend since then their benefits they are having by controlling it. These regional neighbouring people had no power in their arms to create this mess when it was being engineered by the above mentioned after the World War I. The issue was international in the beginning and a solution will be so.

Kurds needs wisdom from their leaders to manage this long fought struggle. Yet we have seen only the mentioning of the rights Kurds should have: self determination. How is it going to be achieved is the question political leaders are supposed to answer?


Written by M. Husedin

24 August 2011 at 2:00 AM

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