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Is Israel alliable for the Kurds?

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It was after 2003, when the USA once-and-for-all changed the status quo in the Middle East when it occupied Iraq and supported an almost independent autonomy for South Kurdistan, Northern Iraq that the Kurds thought of an alliance with Israel. They had the millenia lasting good relationship with the Jewish people in their bag and trusted that this never-forgetting people would remember this history. Besides rumours and conspiracy theories and to the dismay of Kurds, it did not happen.Not that only it did not happen, Israel continued providing all possible war machines and technology to Turkey for its fight against Kurds. Turks on the other hand continued to believe to an Israeli support to Kurds.

One needs to distinguish the Jewish people, the Israeli state and the Israeli citizens from each other. Kurds are among the rarest in doing so. Even though many Kurds, then in the far left Turkish movement, went to Lebanon to fight alongside the Palestinians to fight against the “western imperialist” Israeli state, none has ever become anti-semitist. This has something to do with the Kurdish culture they were born into and got their cultural codes about life. Almost none of them today are against an Israeli state.

In my parents village for example, one family is even today named after the land they occupy, the Jewish Ibrahim. The land belonged to a Jewish family. The family itself moved to another land according to what the elderly tells, now believed to be Israel. Their memory is saved in another family’s name, as a rememberance. Not that they occupy a particular part in the tellings of the old days, they were never really a part of the community, but the fact that their past presence is kept as a name itself is something to be said. There was never negative feelings among the Kurds against the Jewish people. This is what differentiates the Kurds from the rest of the Middle East. Anti-semitism is in the DNA in the Middle East so to say, including the Turks.

Returning back to what I was telling, the Kurds, apparently, based their political assumptions not on any political analysis but on many similar stories all around Kurdistan. Today however, an analysis has to be made in relation to future Israeli – Kurdish alliance for the Kurds themselves and also for the Israelis.


In my opinion yes. Any Jewish Israeli citizen I met has no particular negative thoughts or feelings against the Kurds. Though I must say I have not met any Jewish Israeli citizen of Western immigrant background. They might have a different view of the Middle East and the Middle Easterns, even though they have also become Middle Easterners…

Israel’s ‘survival policy’ in the region is one important issue that Kurds need to understand if they want to gain Israel to their side. This ‘survial policy’ of Israel is how I analyse when I try to understand how the Israeli Statesman decide for their policies. On one hand, Israel is a last (and a first) and seemingly a successful homeland for the Jewish people. On the other hand, they have no where else to go. Here one needs to remember who the founders of Israel were, those who gave to today’s Israel its foundations: the survivors of holocaust, of the post World War II era Europe.

It was may be only Hitler’s 3rd Reich Germany that committed the genocide, but it was all over Europe that the Jewish could not live any more, and more importantly these people were not wanted in anywhere in Europe any more (Haven’t they lost their European citizenships when they left for Israel? Can they return?). The remainings of a genocide, the survisors of holocaust were simply expelled to today’s Israel. They had nowhere else to go. They still have nowhere else to go. That’s why Israel is so important to them, not any two thousand year old history. Two thousand year old history stories are fairy tales when it comes to the dynamics determining Israel’s political decisions.

Once this is understood I see no reason why the Kurds can not position themselves as allies with the Israeli state. The Jewish people globally being a separate story, the Israeli citizens can be taken as the starting point to disseminate the Kurdish cause. They can be told about the benefits of having the Kurds as a neighbouring state. At the same time, existing diplomacy channels can be supported with new HR and a new ideology. Such a team can try to establish a relationship with the Israeli state based on principles. Principles that can be put on paper and followed by both parties.

It can be said that the Israelis would have nothing to lose on the table, that they would not feel loyalty to any such document. I do not believe so if Kurds can position themselves according to what they can offer realistically. Of course this is not in the sense of selling oneself to the other. It would be prostituting oneself, not politics.


There is not much at the moment the Kurds can offer to Israel other than being loyal to an agreement, though this has proven to be a historical mistake for the Kurds. They have been suffering from such an agreement they signed with the Turks about four hundred years ago. However, a future Kurdistan and its alliance could be the most valuable asset that noone else could offer to the State of Israel. For that, the Israeli politicians and the statesman and stateswoman need to show some effort to convince the Kurds to their reliability. Israeli politicians are not to be trusted with their current understanding and naming of the Kurds.

With the likes of Avidgor Lieberman no reproachment between two people can be possible. Ones who takes the Kurds as ever begging people like the African villager children asking for ‘whatever’ when you pass by their villages with the 4WDs. Israelis need to learn first to respect the Kurds. Second, they should stop providing arms to the enemies of Kurds, namely to the Turks. Turks, who do not like the Jewish people…

In short, there can be no alliance between Israel and various Kurdish factions unless Israel changes its view of the Kurds, develop a future vision with Kurdistan and changes its current Middle East policy based totally on this perception… no alliance not even in thoughts unless Israel starts seeing the Kurds and their future Kurdistan strategic to itself. Else, Israel will always want to use the Kurds much like Henry Kissinger did in the 70’s against Saddam in support of the Iran Shah regime…


Written by M. Husedin

11 September 2011 at 10:25 PM

3 Responses

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  1. i agree with you.

    well, despite that turkey is a strong ally to Israel, but to the long term it is not guaranted.

    Kurdistan could be the alternative in different domains for example, energy domain and water.. etc. and its strategic place in the ME + Kurds are one of the few people in the middle east that accept Isreali exist and holds no hate/Hostility to the Jewish people.

    whatever, this still too far Because the regional situation is still not helpful for this.


    14 September 2011 at 10:08 PM

  2. Hello Avend,

    You are right when you write that an alliance between Israel and the Kurds too far. It falls to Kurds however to analyze the grounds of such future possible alliance and tell to the could-be-allies, which includes the Azeris.

    Thanks for your comment.


    16 September 2011 at 5:24 PM

  3. Turkey is no longer ally of Israel…as you may know…
    also I have one correction…although many of Israelis come from those that escaped Europe, actually most of them are from the Arab world over 60%…in 1948 the Arabs were angry that the State of Israel declared independence, so they became racists and kicked out and stole the property of Jews that families had lived in the lands for over 2,000 years! Over 800,000 Jews from the Arab world came to Israel because they had no where else to go.

    Long live Kurdistan!


    27 May 2015 at 11:37 PM

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