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South Kurdistan finally under security umbrella

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Northern Iraq as they call it, or Free Kurdistan as many Kurdish intellectuals enjoy to name. Simply South Kurdistan for Kurds in general.

This geographical naming comes from 1946 dated, short lived Kurdistan Republic of Mahabad (part of Kurdistan under Persian rule in Iran today). The rest of Kurdistan named after Republic’s capital’s geographical location started being taken as the center. The part of Kurdistan under Turkish occupation is thus the North, Northern Iraq the South and the rest under Persian rule in Iran the East. For having been relatively small compared to others, the Syrian occupied part is called the Southwest.

In 1991, after one of the many massacres, when 1.5 million fled to Northern Kurdistan from Saddam’s armies and chemical bombs, the USA and its NATO allies declared a no-fly zone in the North of Iraq, in South Kurdistan with Operation Steel Curtain. This safe heaven led to the establishment of a joint Kurdish parliament in Hawlar (Arbil) of two main Kurdish factions in South Kurdistan: Hawlar based, Masoud Barzani led Partiya Demokratika Kurdistan, PDK (Kurdistan Democratic Party) and Sulaymaniyah based, Jalal Talabani led Yekitiya Netewiya Kurdistan, YNK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan).

Although there has been a terrible bloodshed between the two factions short after the establishment of the parliament, it survived under the protection of American army, based in Incirlik in south of Turkey (of ancient Cilicia of long lost Armenians).

In 2003, with the American led invasion of Iraq and end to Saddam’s rule in the country, Kurds registered their state in the new Iraqi constitution as a federate state. This has been the only single strategical achievement of 40 million or so Kurds in modern times. However, achievements on paper do not mean much in the Middle East…

In the Middle East borders are fake, so are the countries and states these borders draw. So are the constitutions and the laws. So fake are the nations of Syria, Iran, Turkey, Iraq… These state-nations are strong however, and Kurds are not. The tiny little oil rich Free Kurdistan is thus basically free when there is American protection to it. Not free otherwise and an open target to the Turks and Persians.

I have naturally been worried about the faith of my ‘free Kurdistan’ which I could never visit. Strategical, yes, but very fragile. What I had as hope was that the American led West would not leave Kurdistan behind to the bloody handed Turks, Persians or Arabs.

One option was that the Americans would keep a number of troops in South Kurdistan. I do not have such info but I also do not believe the Americans do not actually keep a certain number. Just in case. Iran is next door. Or the Israelis, for their own sake. But neither could go so far as to scare the Turks. Kurdish ruled united / unpartitioned Kurdistan is the only single strategical threat to the Turks.

What other option would then be to reassure the Kurds like me? The news is as follows:

Tony Hayward moves into Kurdistan with Genel Energy as tensions rise

 Vallares, Tony Hayward and Nathaniel Rothschild’s oil investment vehicle, will issue its Genel prospectus at lunchtime on Friday – three days sooner than expected.

The semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) inked a deal with Exxon Mobil last week – before a deal on revenues sharing has been agreed with the Iraqi central government. Vallares has insisted that its agreements with the KRG over Taq Taq and other blocks in the region were still valid.
J. Rockefeller and G. Rotchschild

The significance of this news is that both Rockefeller and Rothschild families have faith in Kurdistan and its future that they invest there (or they want Kurdistan to be there for their very own plans). Rothschilds putting in 2 billion dollars for their investment. Rockefellers doing their investment directly with their Admiral ship Exxon-Mobil and signing contract for six areas with Kurdistan Reginal Government (KRG) of which three are -according to Iraqi constitution- not even under KRG rule, however in practice and claim.

Article 140 of the Interim Iraqi Constitution states that the faith of Disputed Areas, created by Saddam’s Arabization program and separated constitutionally from the rest of South Kurdistan, the Kurdish areas, i.e. Kurdish city of Kirkuk, will be decided by a referendum.

On eKurd website there is a more in depth analysis on this same news I am commenting and can be read on this link.

The rest of the news are details for me. What is important is that South Kurdistan is under protection umbrella and will survive and will prosper and will continue giving hope to the rest Kurds; the world’s biggest nationality without a state of their own, under suppression of Turks of Turkey, Persians of Iran and Arabs of Syria. No more the Arabs of Iraq. Over!


Written by M. Husedin

22 December 2011 at 11:52 AM

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