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Can the PYD of Syria play a positive role for a stable region?

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Nowadays we read that the PKK affiliate PYD, operative in Syrian or Soutwestern Kurdistan, is more or less in control of the Kurdish territory.

Claim is that the Assad regime pulled out from the region. This, plus the ineffectivity of Kurdish Patriotic Conference of Syrian Kurdish political parties creates a gap and hardworking PYD fills the gap. As a result it is more or less the only player on the ground for Southwest Kurdistan. Already an alternative to the regime.

Salih Muslum Muhammed, leader of PYD (Patriotic Union Party)

Many worry for this situation as PKK is not an organization with a positive history in allying with other Kurds, or for many more, is known as having suspicious relationships with the regimes controlling Kurdistan parts.

Perhaps we can ask whether the PYD (or PKK) is a threat against the efforst to create a stable region? Can they be thought as partners in contributing to a new Middle East? If yes, how can they be encouraged for this.

Without doubt, Ocalan is the ‘Christ’ for the supporters of the PKK. Being the Christ, he is the unquestionable and the undoubtable. Many misunderstand this prophesized symbol.

Ocalan, prophesized by his followers and seen as a megalomaniac by his rivals

For many of his rivals Ocalan (Abdullah Ocalan, or Apo) is a true megalomaniac and that he has a perverted view of himself and forces himself into every single brain cell of his followers.

I must say I have not met an Apoist with intellect. Clever PKK militants know the truth of Ocalan and take him as nothing more than a symbol. Those who take Ocalan as the unquestionable leader are the ‘workers’ of various PKK affiliated organizations. Having said that, there is no doubt that Ocalan himself is the true leader of his organization and rules his party even from an island, where he is held in a custom made prison by the Turks, for about 13 years now.

How much Ocalan’s rule applies to PYD in Syria?
Ocalan was based in Syria for about all his career until he was deported from the country by father Assad in 1998 and captured by CIA in Kenya to be given to the Turks. Ocalan’s political and prophetical ‘soul’ is strongly present in the PYD.

PYD and realist policy making
One who tries to understand the ‘policy making’ and ‘strategy making’ of PKK will truly get lost in the ideological labyrinth of the organization.

PKK sets its struggle theatre as one for an ideology which they call ‘democratic confederalism’, though they have changed the name for the same several times already. What is democratic confederalism then? Well, noone truly knows.

Ocalan’s usual claim is that noone among his supporters in the organization ever truly understands him and I believe this is true. Take the note: Ocalan publishes and announces his books as the latest most advanced thoughts in human history. His supporters (those that I mentioned) believe him in that but not dfferent than supporters of any religion. They willnot truly know what they believe to but they will also not allow you to criticize their belief.

Returning back to the subtitle, can the PYD be a partner of a realist policy making. The very simple question to that is a no.Well, this does not mean that there will be no realist policy making from the PYD, but rather pointing the effective leaders of the PKK at Qandil mountains as the policy makers for PKK and all its affiliated organizations, including the PYD.

PKK leaders based at Qandil mountains in South Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan)

If one asks whether the PKK can be a realist policy maker, the answer is undoubtedly yes.

The PKK in Syria
It would be quite silly if the PKK was not in contact with the Assad elite and trying to get the best out of this falling regime. I call this realist policy making. But how far will the PKK go in affiliating itself with the regime in Syria? Until there is be nothing else to get from them, or until such affiliation prevents something else and better from happening.

PKK is an organization characterized by the person who established it. Ocalan is known to be using the resources of the states colonizing Kurdistan. In the startup days of the PKK, Ocalan was effectively being supported by the Turkish intelligence and he accepts this fact and defends his act by saying, “they were using us and we were using them”. The same was the case in PKK’s relationship with the father Assad. Today, it should be the same with Bashar the son.

It will be the same with anyone else. PKK is an organization with strong will and will not hesitate to get in contact with anyone. There is always a benefit for the PKK.

For the role PKK will play in southwestern Kurdistan, my opinion is that it will be contructive and is already on the right path. Local committees are being established in almost every street and village and people are being prepared for a defense against an attack from the Arabs.

As for Turkish threat, Murat Karayilan, the commander in charge of the PKK, has said that if the Turks would try to enter southwestern Kurdstan, they would retaliate in Turkey. This, I call, is a perfect strategy.

My only worry is the relationship of a possible authority of PKK in southwestern Kurdistan and its future relationship with the Iraqi Kurdistan, the KRG.

A rapidly developing South Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan)

PKK is an organization with ideological stance, an ideology resembling communism. How this ideology will fit Kurdish life style, I doubt. There is a developing liberal lifestyle in Iraqi Kurdistan or South Kurdistan and any logical political progress in southwestern Kurdistan should target a merge with the brethren in the neighbouring Iraq. I wish I had an easy answer for this.

So, can the PYD of Syria play a positive role for a stable region?
I do believe so. Even though the rhetoric of the PKK is highly complex, hidden beneath is an organization that seeks recognition. The danger is the paranoia of any Kurd: betrayal. Betrayal of your own men, betrayal of your ally.

I do not believe you can ever really take out this ever imminent emotion from the thoughts of the Kurds. After the last two centuries, we are ever suspicious of anyone approaching us. This and our inexperience in diplomacy, the paranoia may seem ‘suspicious’ to others. However, in the end action should tell itself and PKK’s actions show that it is a reliable organization and is a factual policy maker on the ground.


Written by M. Husedin

31 March 2012 at 12:26 AM

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