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Kurdish politics is in a momentum it never had before. The turmoil in Syria and its effect in Kurdish dynamics through Kurdistan’s southwestern tip is impossible to not to see. At the same time, the whole change in the region (Near East) forces the Kurds to unite their faith but the tension this force creates among different Kurdish factions is also impossible to not to see.


And nowadays an American intervention to Syria, thus to Kurdistan is imminent. Nobody seems to discuss this. In this article I would like to share my speculative view of it.

The US has invested hugely in Kurds through the southern Kurds, Kurds of Iraq. This investment met with Kurdish dream of being independent from Iraq and resulted in the KRG today. With the turmoil in Syria the Kurds are once again hopeful of breaking yet another chain on the road to independence, this time the rule of Damascus.

As any other dream, there is a waking up and facing the reality. As it was in South Kurdistan between PDK of Barzani against YNK of Talabani during the 90s, this time in Southwest piece of Kurdistan it is between PKK affiliate PYD and other small factions affiliated to either PDK or YNK of the South.


The upper hand seems to be with PYD. They were the hardworking group when opportunity rose as a result of the fighting between the Arabs of Syria. They worked hard, defended well their achievements and did their best to become permanent.

PDK on the other hand, as well YNK, had their long time affiliates in Southwest, Rojava most like to say. They were not as agile but they were well established there. PYD seemed to recognize this and they agreed in some kind of cooperation.

As it is the nature of PKK known since the attempt of a Kurdish National Congress in Exile in Brussles in the 90s, cooperation became a tool in its hands. PDK or any other party could not develop any real policy against this attitude of PKK and on the eve of an attack by the US to Syria, at a time when the hopes are high for a Kurdish Congress, Kurds are not united. We are once again left without a policy of our own.

Hopes are not to be left down. The force created by the nation itself for unification is strong. It is just the politicians that can not make up their minds to come together.

All these put aside, we have a problem which is the air bombardment of the US, that is to come. How will it affect the Kurds?


In my opinion the Americans will not leave their investment to nothingness unless the investment proves itself to be nothing. PDK and the so far invested Neçirvan Barzani will need to take some clever action in Rojava. They will be pushed for this. I believe the American move will result in opening a political channel for the PDK there. To be followed.


Written by M. Husedin

05 September 2013 at 4:02 PM

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  1. I don’t know why the US hasn’t taken the Kurds into the Syria equation. Now that Turkey seems to be recognizing that a Kurdish autonomous area is preferable to an Islamist al Qaeda tied rebel stronghold maybe the US can start helping the Kurds. If nothing else we should be pouring in aid to the tens of thousands of Syrian Kurdish refugees in Iraq.


    08 September 2013 at 10:18 PM

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