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The USA and the Kurds’ pursuit of happiness

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Turks in Afrin

The Turkish army in abandoned Afrin. Where is the victory?

March 18 in 2018 is the day Turks declared their petite victory against Kurds in Kurdish Syrian city of Afrin. After about two months of an unprovoked offensive that started on January 20, the Turks declared it a victory on this day. Is it really since they were refused a fight?

The 2008-09 Chinese epic film Red Cliff is one of my favorite films about war and the role of the leader to protect its civilians. In the film, the southerner chief Liu Bei constantly and repeatedly chooses the side of the civilians under his rule against alliances, promises and also the land. He is seen in the film by his most loyal as a coward, traitor of sworn alliances, etc but Liu Bei honors himself with his allegiance to his people and his role as the savior before all.

While Turks declaring history on March 18, we learn that YPG, a PKK offshoot in Syria, proactively emptied the city of its civilians.

Kurds refusing fight

Kurdish fighters walking in the Kurdish planes

As known by any Kurd throughout their lives, Turkish racist hatred against the Kurds is not to be taken lightly. Afrin offensive of the Turks, named Olive Branch as an insult to the historical meaning of these two words, was unprovoked but not unexpected. Turks have been declaring all along that they would not allow any Kurdish political entity formed along its borders. This is exactly what has been happening though.

When the Syrian conflict started, when the Sunni Arabs rebelled against the minority Assad regime, all the eyes were on Kurds. We were expected to run tot he streets and sacrifice ourselves for “whomever”. Though this did not happen. Instead, Kurds took a reserved stance.

PKK offshoot PYD was not by any means the leading Kurdish faction at the time but they had been the hard workers on the ground, with support from their comrades across the borders in other parts of Kurdistan. While the followers of different Kurdish factions looked for political gains by staying close to the Turks, PYD busied itself by forming ruling bodies and a protection army: the YPG. First not taken as an important player on the ground, with the rise of ISIS and their successful resistance to this evil force, YPG quickly rose to fame with the pictures of its female heroines.

YPJ fighters smiling

YPJ female fighters proved their prowess in their fight against ISIS evil

When Turks were more-or-less openly supporting ISIS to capture Kurdish city of Kobani from YPG, it was an unexpected US move to support them there against these evils. From then on, the YPG, under the umbrella name Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF, has been the American ally in Syrian theatre.

Turks first attacked Jarablus to stop the Kurdish advance to the east of Euphrates river. The target of the Kurds was to unite Afrin with the rest of the Kurdish controlled map. Turks feared this was an American scenario to create a Kurdish state along their southern border. They claimed this was to form a Kurdish state that would extend itself to Kurdish land under Turkish control. Long story short, to put an end the Kurdo-American dream of a Kurdistan that reaches to the Mediterranean, the Turks attacked the Kurdish city of Afrin. However, after giving the Turkish army a hard time for about two months, the Kurdish commanders refused to give the strong Turkish army the fight they wanted.

By not giving the Turks the fight they wanted the Kurds effectively not allowed the Turks to have a victory however, the Turkish advance is there and they have taken control of a Kurdish city, albeit empty, from a group of Kurdish fighters whom the only superpower of the world declares repeatedly as their ally on the ground.

I recall the film Charlie Wilson’s War. The message of the film is that Americans should never abandon their allies once their own war was over. Now that the war against ISIS is over, will the Americans abandon their ally on the ground to the racist Turks?

Self formed Kurdish fighters denied a victory to NATO’s second biggest army. Turks are having a good laugh today. On the grand picture the laugh is obviously against the Americans. How is the world’s only super power going to honor back this laugh? By shaming Charlie Wilson once again?

I do not want to believe so. There has to be more to USA. There has to be principles of its founding fathers. America has the ethical responsibility to support its allies in their pursuit of happiness. Otherwise, what does the Republic stand for?

pursuit of happiness

The gift of pursuit of happiness may be the biggest export of USA to the world. Is it going to be denied to the Kurds?



Written by M. Husedin

19 March 2018 at 6:28 AM

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