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Americans and Kurds vs Germans and Turks.

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The Turkish president was visiting Iran to save his Islamic Jihadist puppets in Syria from a massacre from Russians. Iranians, facing the American embargo yet again, was hoping that the Turks would ignore the embargo and keep trading with Iran. To welcome the Turkish president, as a sign of friendship and peace between the two countries, Iran hanged to death three Kurdish political activists, one of whom was an elementary school teacher and poet.
In Iran there are about 10 million Kurds and in Turkey about double of that. In both countries, the Kurds suffer about the same level of racism from the state. The right for the Kurds to live according to their own ways (culture), the right to to teach their children their history in their language (Kurdish), the right for autonomy to manage their own affairs, and all other ethnic and individual rights related to Kurdish identity is forbidden in both countries.
We can say the regime in both countries are worse than apartheid in South Africa because in South Africa, where there was segregation, there was also the undeniable recognition of the native Africans. In Iran and Turkey the Kurdish identity is simply not recognized and when Kurds are killed as a token of peace between these two countries, the dead are not even counted as Kurds.
And Germany, following its path right before the WW1 invests in Turkish rail network with 35 billion euros with Siemens, the company that was the favorite of Hitler.
You may see no connection there between Turkish racism and German state, though it takes little effort to search for Friedrich (Fritz) Bronsart von Schellendorf on Wikipedia. He was, besides being a German officer and politician, believe it or not, the Ottoman Army’s Chief of Staff during the WW1 and recognized in history as the “the actual initiator of the scheme of the Armenian Genocide”.
Shame on Turkey, shame on Iran but the true shame in history goes to Germany. Once again.
It is my conclusion that I want to really share with this article that the new stage in Syrian War Theatre is the reopening of World War 1. US vs Germany vs Russia.
This time though, there will be no Bolshevik revolution and instead of UK, a struggling imperialist power, there is the US.
UK and Russia played a dirty game during the WW1 and afterwards. Kurds have been sacrificed to create Turkey and Iran. The US has the Kurds this time and I believe it is finally time for the Kurds to rise their head up as an independent authority in the Near East. This will also be the end of the era that led to Alexander the Great, so called creation of East vs West. There will be a global world map where there is no west and no east.

Written by M. Husedin

12 September 2018 at 5:11 AM

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